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What is Vexel?
Vexel is a unique anonymous payment tool. With Vexel you can buy, sell, exchange, transfer and store cryptocurrency.
How can I get a Vexel?
You can get a Vexel in two ways — buy a Vexel from an agent with a positive account balance in any currency or create a Vexel by yourself.
I have created a Vexel. What's next?
After creating a Vexel, you get its number and code — 34 digits. Remember or write it down! Now it is the identifier of your account in our system.
Apart from number and code, you can see Vexel’s account balance (usually it's zero) and the date until which the issued bill will be valid. Now you can begin using Vexel!
I can only see a field with numbers and no action buttons. What should I do?
Usually immediately after creating a Vexel you get access to a button block with available actions. If you don't see it, press "Start".
What ways do I have for replenishing balance?
Currently you can use this cryptocurrencies for balance replenishment: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USDT ERC20), Finiko (FNK), Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, DASH.
How to replenish my balance with cryptocurrency?
Select your preferred cryptocurrency from drop-down list and click "Replenish". The "Total" field is optional — it will only simplify the subsequent actions if you will be using the QR code.
After clicking the button the address for the chosen cryptocurrency will be available to you (the address is also encoded into the QR code). This address leads to your Vexel. Use this address to transfer funds.
Can I find out what amount of funds is still awaiting confirmation?
Sure. Apart from the fact that you can use the TXID received from the system in which you made the transfer, you can simply click "Start" button with the number and code of the Vexel you were replenishing entered in the field. In the block with the data of the Vexel, in the "Total" section you will see a line with the balance not yet credited.
In what form do you store data?
All sensitive data is stored completely encrypted.
Replenish friend's Vexel. What is that?
Apart from your own, you are able to replenish friends Vexel, knowing only the number. This function is being tested and is currently unavailable.
Can I protect Vexel?
Sure. You can protect Vexel with a password, with email code verification or with Google Authenticator.
I have a Vexel with 100$ on account. How do I buy cryptocurrency?
Go to "Change currency" section and select the currency you want to buy from the drop-down list. The system will show you the current exchange rate and calculate how much you will receive. If you are satisfied with the result, simply confirm the operation by clicking the "Change currency".
Please note that most cryptocurrencies have a fairly high volatility. As a result, over time the exchange rate can change slightly in either way. We recommend to update exchange rate right before purchase by clicking the corresponding button located in "Exchange rate" column of the table.
I have a Vexel with 0.1 bitcoin. Can I buy other currencies?
Yes, of course. You can change the currency in any direction in the manner described above.
Does it mean I can make money on changes in exchange rates?
Precisely! Just change the currency at the time that's profitable for you. You can make money like you do on the stock exchange, but without involving stock exchange in that process!
Are there any commissions or hidden payments?
No. There aren't any hidden payments or commissions. Operation will be made for the rates that you see on the screen just before confirming operations.(taking volatility into account, please don't forget to click "Refresh" button in the exchange rate column, if you spent any significant time on the page).
Can I sell my Vexel?
Yes, of course. Vexel is a payment tool.
For your safety, we recommend that you protect the Vexel with a password beforehand and transfer the password from the Vexel after you get what you expected in return. Without a password third party can't use Vexel but can see its balance.
Can I withdraw a part of the Vexel's account funds?
You can do this by splitting the Vexel by the amount you want to withdraw. And then withdraw that Vexel. Yes, it's not very convenient. In the near future partial withdrawal function will be implemented as a part of a regular withdraw function.
What will happen to my Vexel after I stop using it?
Nothing. It will be available until its validity period expires. Until then, you can perform any operations with it at any time.
Can I work with multiple Vexels at the same time?
Yes. To do that click "Another Vexel" under the initial input field and enter the number and code of the next Vexel.
If you store number and code one after another, you can simply copy data block in the field - the system will automatically disassemble this data into number and code.
Change details. What is that?
This function allows you to change your Vexel's number and code. We recommend that you use it if someone has previously given you this bill. Or if there are reasons to believe someone might have learned this data.
I haven't saved the data. What should I do!?
For this case there is an "Operations history" section at the bottom, which receives data about all the operations performed in the current session.
Please note, this data will be deleted after refreshing the page!
If you haven't found the required data in the section or have updated the page, please contact our tech support via e-mail [email protected] or via Telegram @vexelis. You will need to verify that you indeed do own this Vexel.
Do you have an affiliate program?
No, right now we don't have an affiliate program.
Do you have an API?
Yes, we have. Please write us an email to [email protected] and we will send you the documentation.
Do you have a referral program?
Yes, you can check it at this page
Do I need a registration? Verification?
No! Service is fully anonymous and you don't have to do any additional actions with the system. Just start using it.
How do I create a Vexel?
Simply go to vexel.is and click "Create Vexel" above the main form.
Can I create several Vexels?
You can create an unlimited number of Vexels. Be sure to write down all their numbers before you leave or reload the page!
My Vexel has zero balance. How do I replenish it?
Click "Replenish" in the actions block and follow the instructions.
Do you plan to expand the list of supported cryptocurrencies?
Yes, absolutely. We plan to add Etherium and Ripple in the near future.
How long does it take to receive funds when replenishing using cryptocurrency?
The funds will be credited after your transaction has received 2 confirmations in the blockchain. Different cryptocurrencies take different amounts of time.
What would happen if I replenish my Vexel in the currency different from initial?
Vexel's currency will be changed to the new at the current exchange rate at the moment of transfer of funds.
Can I replenish a Vexel using cash or bank card?
To do that, contact our agents. Their list is available at https://vexel.is/agents
I bought a Vexel from an agent. How can I be sure he won't steal my money?
In order to be as safe as possible use "Change details" function immediately after you received Vexel number and code from someone. This feature allows you to change the number and code of a Vexel — it will no longer be accesible using old data. Be sure to remember or write down the new number and code of your Vexel!
Can I remove protection afterwards?
Yes, of course. You can do it as soon as you pass security check.
Which cryptocurrencies can I buy?
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and DASH. We are constantly working on adding more cryptocurrencies to the list.
How many times can I make the exchange?
The sky is the limit!
Where can I see current exchange rates?
Most recent exchange rates will be displayed in the table just before the operation.
Apart from that, in the top right corner there's "Exchange rate" button. Click it to see exchange rates for the most popular directions. This data loads when the page loads. To get more recent data, simply click a line with exchange rate you're interested in.
Please note, this table contains exchange rates for the exchange of 100 units of fiat currency for cryptocurrency and 1 unit of cryptocurrency for fiat currency.
Can I transfer my Vexel to a third party?
You can. Vexel is a payment tool. Being able to transfer it is one of our advantages. Thus, you anonymously transfer the cryptocurrency to another user while bypassing blockchain. In certain situations it can be important.
How do I withdraw money from Vexel?
To do this, you need to go to the "Redeem" section and choose the most convenient way for you to withdraw money.
What is withdrawal fee?
It is a commission which will go to the miner for adding your transaction to the block. You set it yourself, but it can't be less than the minimum values.
Can I split my Vexel?
Yes, if you need to, you can separate any number of Vexels from your Vexel with any amount of funds (provided you don't try to separate more funds than you have on your main Vexel account).
Can I merge several Vexels?
Yes, to do that go to "Merge" section and merge the Vexels you're working with at the moment. When finished, a new Vexel with the account balance in the currency you have chosen will be created. If any of the Vexels were in a different currency, their balance will be pre-converted at the current exchange rate.
After merging, old Vexel will be nullified.
Can I save operation result?
In any way you like. Including сlicking "Download results" in the "Success!" section.
I see "This Vexel is locked" message. What should I do?
Probably, there was an error during one of the operations. Please wait a few minutes or contact our tech support team via e-mail — [email protected] or via Telegram — @vexelis.
How can I become a Vexel agent?
Please email us at [email protected]
I have a complaint. What to do?
Email us at [email protected], we will try to resolve your issue.
Which Tether token are you using
ERC-20, on the Ethereum blockchain
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