Vexel is a unique service. It combines cryptocurrency exchange, exchange office, e-wallet and means of payment. Buy, deposit and store money, exchange at the best rate, withdraw and pay - all in one service: on the website, in the application or via Telegram-bot!
We have created the Vexel to make work with the cryptocurrency easy so that anyone could make it. We did not want to limit our functionality to ordinary conversion. That is why when you enter the site you see only two buttons — “Create a vexel of exchange” and “Let’s start”.
To work with the main functionality of the service, you do not need registration, data verification, “hot” or “cold” wallets. All you need is to purchase or create a vexel!
For our service to operate, we interact with the largest liquidity providers, additionally to our own provider. And this, among other things, gives us the opportunity to provide users with one of the best rates in currency exchange.
When you create or purchase a vexel of exchange, you get a unique number and code - 34 digits.
Drawing a banking service analogy, this is the number of your account or your bank card in our system, your login and password. To access the account, enter your number and code in the form of the site.
Now you can perform any actions with your account and they will be executed almost instantly.
Continuing the analogy, you can:
  • get the address of the purses in the chosen currency from available and the banking information to deposit your money.
  • convert your savings into another currency entirely or partially. This operation is available at any time and an unlimited number of times, which allows you to profit from exchange rate movements
  • use automatic conversion of all incoming transactions into your chosen currency
  • “write out a check” - create a new vexel, separate a part from your vexel, and transfer it to a third party
  • merge several vexels into one and withdraw your money in any way convenient for you, entirely or partially. And that is not all — we have not realized all of our plans yet!
Our goal is to make a convenient and affordable service for the cryptocurrency community. We do not charge any hidden fees or commissions for either depositing funds or withdrawing (except for the miners' commission before adding a transaction to the block).
Withdrawing funds, you always get exactly the amount you see on the screen. Exchanging currencies, the result may fluctuate - it depends on the high volatility of cryptocurrencies. In our article you can read more about the formation of currency rate and why we do not fix the currency rate. Read article.
Every day, hundreds of users perform thousands of operations with vexels in our system. A significant amount of funds in various currencies pass through the service. You can meet our representatives at most significant events around the world related to blockchain and cryptocurrency. And, of course, you can ask them your questions!
We have the resources to maintain and develop the service, and solve possible critical situations.
We store all sensitive data on distributed servers in a encrypted form using modern symmetric block encryption algorithms. We carry out active security monitoring 24/7 using machine-learning technologies and artificial intelligence.
Combination of numbers and code is unique. At the slightest suspicion of data compromise, you can change your banking information (number and code) with a click of a button. In addition, you can always further protect the vexel with a password or Google Authenticator.
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