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Vexel is your anonymous digital asset management account that does not require registration. Make transactions, play on exchange rates movements, and pay in cryptocurrency. Quickly, simply, confidentially.
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USD/BTC 62253.92 +1.53% USD/LTC 186.3 +2.26% USD/BCH 614.51 +0.82% USD/DASH 186.11 +0.87% USD/ETH 3755.76 -0.29%
USD/BTC 62253.92 +1.53% USD/LTC 186.3 +2.26% USD/BCH 614.51 +0.82% USD/DASH 186.11 +0.87% USD/ETH 3755.76 -0.29%
BTC/USD 61450.22 +1.52% LTC/USD 182.56 +2.25% BCH/USD 602.08 +0.82% DASH/USD 182.36 +0.88% ETH/USD 3680.82 -0.28%
BTC/USD 61450.22 +1.52% LTC/USD 182.56 +2.25% BCH/USD 602.08 +0.82% DASH/USD 182.36 +0.88% ETH/USD 3680.82 -0.28%
All-in-one service
With the help of Vexel you can change the currency in one click, make a cryptocurrency payment without traces in the blockchain, manage your assets directly from your smartphone, and all this in one service.
Create a
Get a unique number and code, 34 characters, which will be the key to your anonymous account in the Vexel system.
Deposit / withdraw money
Deposit any amount in your own currency and exchange it for Bitcoin or any other currency.
Change currency or divide the vexel
Just change the currency in your account at the moment of the best rate, divide your vexel into several parts and create a portfolio from different cryptocurrencies.
Deposit, withdraw, store
You can deposit the vexel for any amount, withdraw money or just keep cryptocurrency for storage, waiting for the best exchange rate to sale.
Convenient and reliable platform
A unique combination of 34 characters protects the vexel, password protection and two-factor authentication are additionally available.
Working with a vexel requires no registration. Your vexel is the number and code, and no other data in the system.
The vexel of exchange allows you to perform any operations with cryptocurrency. There is no service with the same functionality in Russia and the world.
Spheres of use
At the moment cryptocurrencies are not yet widespread payment method for goods and services. But even now you can rent a hotel room, pay for your coffee and even buy a house using one or another cryptocurrency! In addition, you can keep it as an investment or try to make a profit from exchange rates movements.
Cryptocurrency as a payment method for products and services
Cryptocurrency as a payment method for products and services
Today the list of stores, services and institutions that accept cryptocurrency for payment is constantly growing. For Bitcoin, you can pay for home appliances, housing, watches, cars, Amazon gift cards. You can use cryptocurrency to pay for food delivery, movie subscriptions, hosting and internet. Unlike traditional money, Bitcoin, Ethereum or other digital assets do not require the participation of central banks, and the fees for international transferring of large amounts to are negligible. In addition, the cryptocurrency guarantees the protection of the buyer's privacy. The difference in currency and international transfer fees do not affect the transaction.

Why is it worth to use a vexel for cryptocurrency payment? Vexel platform allows you to receive a QR code directly on the screen of your smartphone, transfer the cryptocurrency to any account, wallet or exchange market. In addition, you can transfer the access code from the vexel with the required sum of money, and the new owner will manage it himself.
Cryptocurrency purchase
Cryptocurrency purchase
There are several ways to buy cryptocurrency. All of them require the use of third-party web resources. Registration, verification, transfer of personal data to third parties and the need to transfer money without a guarantee to get the desired amount of bitcoins. The subsequent exchange for fiat currency also is complex. Usually you cannot do it via the same application you use for the purchase. Trading is accompanied by the need for regular withdrawal of funds somewhere, because it is not safe to store assets on cryptocurrency markets.

Have created a vexel, you can immediately use it without registration, deposit it with dollars or rubles and see the amount in the account. And then decide whether to add Bitcoin or Altcoin to your portfolio. In addition, the vexel of exchange combines the function of a wallet and exchange market, so you can both safely keep funds on your account and make exchanges at the time of exchange rate movements.
Cryptocurrency trading
Cryptocurrency trading
You can earn on cryptocurrency even at the moment of relative stability in the market, because the rate of bitcoin and other digital assets is still experiencing daily fluctuations. Trading on the stock exchanges requires constant tracking of large amounts of data, evaluation of proposed transactions and certain experience in financial trading. In addition, on large exchange markets with high activity, there is a risk to miss a successful combination.

Trading with a vexel of exchange, you can always see the best currency rate in one click - on the platform website or directly on the smartphone screen. The vexel will hold for you all the necessary analysis and just show the amount you get if you made an exchange at this moment.
App for iOS and Android
In the official application, additional features are available in addition to the main functionality — favorites, history and much more!
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